​Our Mission and Purpose

Sooner Paranormal of Oklahoma® is a paranormal research
group based in NE Oklahoma. Our purpose is to
aid the living and to honor the dead by providing serious scientific
investigative procedures to those persons who believe they have paranormal
activity at their home or business at NO CHARGE. This FREE SERVICE is available
to YOU if you believe you have a ghost, poltergeist, or any unexplained
paranormal activity.


The world of the unexplained is an area where science and technology are just now being used effectively to provide the evidence that may finally solve the mysteries that have surrounded these phenomena for centuries.  Ghost hunting and parapsychology are providing new facts that even the skeptics must consider. Photos, audio, video, and ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication).

​To request an investigation

Contact us for investigations, advice, or just if you need
to talk to someone about something strange in your home or business.

Position Opening:

A position is now open for a serious minded person over 21 with good communications skills, a good attitude, reliable transportation, willingness to WORK, and be a part of something important! Interested persons can apply via email to :


For short video clips of some of our investigations, see our YouTube Channel